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      AZ Lot Sweeping is Phoenix, Arizona's premier parking lot sweeping company! We provide superior exterior maintenace services in Phoenix, AZ.
    • AZ Lot Sweeping is a parking lot sweeping business that maintains parking lots for a variety of customers in the Phoenix area including office complexes, retail strip malls, property management companies, restaurants, hotels, and condominiums.  While you are at home sleeping we're out sweeping the streets of Phoenix.

      Our parking lot sweepers are available for event cleanings, daily, weekly, and monthly parking lot maintenance programs that will keep your Phoenix properties looking great. We see a lot of dirt living in the Phoenix desert and experiencing many dust storms every year. Our street sweepers pick up a variety of dirt and debris that is left behind by mother nature and visiting customers. Sweeping your asphalt and concrete surfaces prolongs the life of your parking area, reducing the frequency of resurfacing and other costly maintenance. Call us today for a free parking lot maintenance quote: (602) 492-9435

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Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Company in Phoenix, AZ

Parking lot sweeping is important because of the aesthetic value it contributes to the establishment that owns the parking area. A clean environment will amount to a good working condition for employees and a good reputation for customers. Cleaning your Phoenix business parking lot on a regular basis is not just about presenting the right image to your customers. So why hire AZ Lot Sweeping to keep your parking lot cleaned in Phoenix? It’s cost effective, as parking lots that are maintained regularly are less likely to have problems with loose gravel, broken glass, dirt, or other debris which, left untended, accumulate creating safety and environmental issues, and lead to costly lot repairs on unnecessary lot deterioration and damage. Customers can easily get injured if they accidentally trip or slip on the uneven surface. Hiring AZ Lot sweeping can prevent your Phoenix business parking lot from becoming hazardous to your customers and employees. Call AZ Lot Sweeping to ensure your parking lots and streets are clean every morning before your business doors open.

Do Parking Lots Pose a risk of Hazards?

Parking lots are located everywhere from places of business to places of residency. Even though you may not be spending a lot of time in the parking lot there is still a possibility that you can be injured. Besides the risk of violence the major risk includes falls resulting from slips and trips; which could result in costly consequences. Parking lots are also a common place to encounter oils left behind from parked cars; not only a slip hazard but also a toxic hazard.

Scheduling a regular maintenance program to sweep and wash parking surfaces will significantly prolong the useful life of your parking surfaces.  It is recommended to wash your lot semi-annually to remove; oils, grease, dirt, and other chemicals and fluids. These fluids from vehicles can build up in parking spaces can be tracked into your place of business or residency  or even worse causing a potential slip hazard for pedestrians.

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